Feb 13, 2023 Update

Posted by Jeff Clark on 2/13/2023

After great work by multiple committees involving staff and community members, architects and district representation, the design process is ready to move into Design Development, meaning it is getting more detailed and specific. The committees determined that the best overall solution was for the MS to be housed mostly in new construction added to the northeast side of the existing HS, the 1965 HS wing to be remodeled substantially, and to place the new HS gym between the CTE wing and the football field. There will also be an expansion of parking to more than compensate for room lost to new construction.

Cost estimates are getting close to what we originally hoped for, but there is still some refining to do. This is quite normal for a process that is so complex. There is always a longer wish list that is practical, but the needs of the district (students and staff) will be met in the end. 

There will be a website launching soon that will provide much more detailed information about current progress on the project, as well as other supporting information. This is being developed by HMK, our project management contractor. Once up and going, it will be linked to our district webpage.