January 4, 2023 Update

Posted by Jeff Clark on 1/4/2023

I apologize for the delay in posting an update. Between vacations and some other superintendent stuff, time got away from me. 

There are two significant things going on with the construction process. The first is that we have agreed to hire Triplett Wellman as our CM/GC, meaning they will not just be our General Contractor, but all involved in planning and certain management aspects of the project. Triplett Wellman was also the contractor who did our last major construction project, the addition to the high school. 

We have also been progressing through the early stages of design, with two committees working with the architects (IBI Group). We have a middle school team and a high school team that meet with IBI representatives as well as our project managers, HMK. This process is challenging but rewarding as ideas slowly morph into real possibilities through multiple revisions. There is an incredible amount to consider as we look at many different aspects of the project. 

Very soon, HMK will be producing regular updates that will be distributed through social media and our website. 

Hope you all had a great Christmas season and a happy new year.