October 24, 2022 - Update

Posted by Jeff Clark on 10/24/2022

Over the past month, several key things have happened or are in the process of happening. The district officially agreed to hire HMK as the project manager and has decided to use the CM / GC contracting method. This means that rather than put the entire project out to bid, there is an ongoing process that incorporates the contractor, project manager, architects and owner as each phase of the project comes about. This allows us to make adjustments to plans if costs rise, should lead to fewer unexpected costs and fewer change orders, and hopefully make for a smoother overall process.

We are currently advertising for CM / GC proposals. 

The pre-design planning process is moving along on schedule with IBI, with our final meeting on October 27th. After that, IBI should be able to focus intensively on the specifics of the design process. 

We have also had some surveys going on so that IBI and the engineers they use will have a complete picture of our project. The most recent of these surveys was a geotechnical one that allows us to know what lies beneath the soil surface, thus allowing for better design strategies.