June 10, 2022 Update

Posted by Jeff Clark on 6/10/2022

Well, it appears we are just down to a little formality now on the election results. Yamhill County Clerk has certified results today (668 Yes, 670 No) and Polk County has posted their final results earlier this week (113 Yes, 87 No). So we have an approved bond measure, 781 - 757. This is a very significant result as we are all well aware of the challenging economic conditions currently facing us.

I have heard several people say that they voted no because either they didn't think they could afford two bonds at the same time or because they couldn't afford a $3.17/$1000 increase in their taxes. Please remember that this bond is replacing the expiring bond that was passed in 2002, so there will not be two concurrent bonds. Also, the increase in tax rate between the expiring bond and the new bond is actually about $1.60/$1000. That means that a tax bill increase on a $500,000 assessed value would be about $800/year initially. Clearly, we could have done a better job of communicating this to avoid some confusion.

We have a rough timeline for the next couple of months, which mainly involves the selection of an architect. The scope of the work is being advertised to architects. Those interested in potentially submitting a proposal to the board will have an opportunity to walk through the facilities in a couple of weeks. There will be an extensive review and evaluation of architect proposals in July with a recommendation being made to the board.  The board will vote to approve an architectural firm at the August meeting.