Introduction to this blog

Posted by Jeff Clark on 6/2/2022

From Amity Superintendent Jeff Clark:

This is a very exciting time for Amity School District as we await the final certification of the May election results on our construction bond measure. Currently, both Polk and Yamhill county clerks are in the verification process for ballots that had signature discrepancies. There were eight ballots in Yamhill and five in Polk that had our measure on them. Even if all of these ballots were resolved and were "no" votes, we would still be passing by an 8 vote margin! So, unless there is some other unexpected reason for the election results to be invalidated, we seem to be in the clear. (I try not to get too excited until I have a final certification!)

I plan to use this blog to keep you all updated on the process. We have retained an underwriter, Piper Sandler & Co., (who will assist in the sale of the bonds) and a bond attorney, Hawkins, Delafield & Wood (who makes sure all the legal issues involving the bond are handled properly). 

I will try to update you no less than weekly, more often if there is significant news.