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Current guidance on Reopening (updated 7/22)

While we await future clarification from the state on reopening schools, the current iteration does provide a worst case scenario for schools. If students were returning under this present guidance they would not be required as students to wear masks while at school. (The state may recommend that they do, but will not require it.) 
The biggest challenge right now is regarding space requirements. The current guidance would require a classroom to have 35 sq ft per student. However, with the recommendation that came from the American Academy of Pediatrics regarding the importance of all students being physically in school, I believe we will see the modified down so that we can have every student in class every day. 
This modification has not come down from the state yet (we are to get major revisions on July 21), so it is not something that we can bank on just yet, but that is the way the pressure is pushing the guidance, I think. 
We will update you all as we have new information. Thank you for your patience and support of Amity Schools.