• K/L District-Community Relations

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    Table of Contents: K/L District-Community Relations

    School-Community Relations Goals and Objectives KA/KAA

    Public Information Program KB

    Community Involvement in Decision-Making KC

    Community Use of School Facilities KG, KG-AR

    •    Public Conduct on School Property  KGB
    •    Smoking on District Premises by Public KGC/JFFCG/GBK
    •    Authorized use of School Equipment and Materials KGF/EDC, KGF/EDC-AR
    •    Building Security During Non-Custodial Hours KGG

    Public Gifts to the District KH

    Public Solicitation in District Facilities KI

    Commercial Advertising KJ, KJ-AR

    •    Materials Distribution KJA

    Visitors to the Schools KK

    Public Complaints KL, KL-AR(1)

    •    Public Complaints about the Curriculum/Instructional/Library Materials  KLBKLB-AR
    •    Public Complaints about Use of Facilities KLC
    •    Public Complaints about Contracted Transportation Services  KLE, KLE-AR

    Relations with Community Organizations KM

    •    Community Education  KMA
    •    Community School Program  KMAA

    Relations with Law Enforcement Agencies KNKN-AR

    Community Education - HIV, AID, HBV  KO

    Public Charter Schools LBE, LBE-AR

    Resident Student Denial for Virtual Public Charter School Attendance LBEA

    Relations with Colleges and Universities LE