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    Table of Contents: J Students

    Student Policies Goals and Objectives  JA/JAA

    Equal Educational Opportunity JBJB-AR

    Attendance JE 

    •    Compulsory Attendance JEA, JEA-AR
    •    Early Entrance JEBA, JEBA-AR(1)
    •    Admissions JEC
    •    Admission of Resident Students JECA
    •    Admission of Part-Time Private School Students JECAA
    •    Staff/Student/Parent Relations JECAC/GBH
    •    Admission of Nonresident Students JECBJECB-AR(1), JECB-AR(2)
    •    Admission of Exchange Students JECBA, JECBA-AR
    •    Homeless Students JECBDJECBD-AR
    •    Assignment of  Students to Schools JECC
    •    Transcript Evaluations JECDA, JECDA-AR
    •    Student Withdrawal from School JECE
    •    Interdistrict Transfer of Resident Students JECFJECF-AR, JECF-AR(1)
    •    Student Absences and Excuses JED
    •    Truancy JEDA
    •    Student Dismissal Precautions JEDB
    •    Student Attendance Accounting JEE
    •    Released Time for Students JEF
    •    Open/Closed Campus JEFA
    •    Released Time for Religious Instruction JEFB

    Student Rights and Responsibilities JF/JFA

    •    Student Involvement in Decision-Making JFB
    •    Student Government JFBA
    •    Student Conduct JFC
    •    Student Dress and Grooming JFCA
    •    School Uniforms JFCAAJFCAA-AR
    •    Care of District Property by students JFCB
    •    Student Conduct on School Buses JFCC/EEACC
    •    Secret Societies JFCE
    •    Secret Societies - Gangs JFCEAJFCEA-AR
    •    Personal Communications Devices JFCEBJFCEB-AR
    •    Harassment/Intimidation/Bullying/Cyberbullying/Teen Dating Violence-Student JFCFJFCF-AR
    •    Use of Tobacco, Alcohol or Drugs JFCG-ARJFCG/JFCH/JFCI
    •    Extra-Curricular Participant Drug Testing JFCIAJFCIA-AR
    •    Weapons in the School JFCJ
    •    Elimination of Drugs and Alcohol on School Premises JFCK
    •    Laser Pens JFCL
    •    Threats of Violence JFCM
    •    Students of Legal Age JFD,
    •    Pregnant and Parenting Students JFEJFE-AR
    •    Married Students JFF
    •    Student searches JFGJFG-AR
    •    Student Complaints JFH
    •    Student Demonstrations and Petitions JFI

    Student Discipline JG

    Student Welfare  JH


    Student Awards and Scholarships JI

    •   Student Recognition Program JIA

    Employment of Students JK

    Student Gifts and Solicitations  JL

    Staff - Student Relations JM

    Student Fees, Fines and Charges JN

    •   Athletic Participation Fees JNA

    Education Records JOJO-AR

    •   Directory Information JOA
    •    Personally Identifiable Information JOB
    •    Legal Names of Students JOC
    •   Media Access to Students JOD