• C General Administration


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    Table of Contents: C General Administration

    Administration Goals and Objectives CA/CAA

    School Superintendent CB

    •    Qualifications and duties of the Superintendent  CBA
    •    Recruitment and Appointment of the Superintendent  CBB
    •    Superintendent's Contract  CBC
    •    Superintendent's Continuing Professional Development  CBE
    •    Superintendent's Consulting Activities  CBF
    •    Evaluation of the Superintendent  CBG
    •    Termination of Superintendent's Employment  CBH
    •    Superintendent's Retirement CBHA

    Administrative Organization CC

    •    Organization Chart CCA
    •    Line and Staff Relations  CCB
    •    Hiring of Licensed Administrators  CCC
    •    Assignment of Administrative Personnel  CCCA
    •    Reassignment of Building Administrators  CCCAA
    •    Contracts - Administrative  CCD
    •    Licensed Evaluation - Administrators CCG, 

    Management Team  CD

    School Building Administration  CF

    Special Programs Administration CG/CGA

    Policy Implementation CH

    •    Development of Regulations CHA
    •    Board Review of Regulations CHB
    •    Regulations Dissemination  CHC
    •    Approval of Handbooks and Directives  CHCA
    •    Administration in the Absence of a Policy CHD

    Temporary Administrative Arrangements  CI

    Administrative Intern Program  CJ

    Consultants to the Administrative Staff CK

    Administrative Reports CL

    School District Annual Report CM

    Layoff/Recall - Administrative Personnel CPA, CPA-AR