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Mandatory Annual Notices

District Plans and Annual Notifications

School Districts are required by law to inform the community of the following each year:

HASS (Healthy And Safe Schools)

The following are PDF files unless otherwise noted.

2024 County Immunization Data

ESSR III District Integrated Planning Tool (IPT)

2021-2022 Annual Health and Safety Schools Plan Statement

Healthy and Safe Schools Plan

Radon Testing Plan
Radon Testing Results: Elementary School    Middle School    High School    District Office
Water Testing Plan
Water Testing Results

AHERA (Absestos) Results: Elementary School    Middle School    High School    District Office
Integrated Pest Management
Yamhill County Child Immunization Rates

Non-Discrimination Policy

Division 22 Assurance

Division 22 Community Report

SIA Annual Report 2022

SIA Annual Report Questions 2022

Parent Training regarding Child Abuse: As a district parent, you may register to take suggested training for Child Abuse: Identification & Intervention and Sexual Conduct: Staff-to-Student.

Pesticide Application

In order to maintain the integrity of the school grounds, the District occasionally makes pesticide applications for new turf preparation.  The District utilizes a licensed pesticide applicator and only uses low impact pesticides from the approved State list.  The fence lines, parking areas, flower beds and gravel areas dates for weed and pest control tp prevent safety issues along with turf health will be May 24, 2024 from 7:00am-4:00pm to allow for application and required re-entry interval.  Pesticide Application Notification Form

Nondiscrimination Disclosure

Our district complies with federal and state rules and regulations by not discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, or disability. This holds true for all students who are interested in participating in educational programs and/or extracurricular school activities. A variety of educational programs are offered for all students upon enrollment in the Amity School District. Inquiries regarding compliance and/or grievance procedures may be directed to our Title IX Officer and 504/ADA Coordinator, Jeff Clark. Federal regulations require this statement be published in the district newsletter in order to assure its dissemination.

Drug/Alcohol and Tobacco Free

Amity School District recognized the need for a Drug Free, Alcohol Free, and Tobacco Free environment. Our district has implemented a Drug/Alcohol/Tobacco Prevention Program. We want the focus to emphasize prevention, intervention, support, and necessary corrective action. We want to keep all patrons informed of these programs that are available locally to students, staff, and community members. For further information contact: Jeff Clark at 503-835-2171.

Child Find Notification

Many programs for the children in our schools are provided at no cost to you. Our schools offer special programs such as speech therapy, physical and occupational therapy, Title and special education academic programs, and preschool classes to children three years and older. Developmental screening and/or comprehensive assessments for children who are suspected of having a disability, which could adversely affect their educational development, are available at no cost to you. These services are available for persons between the ages of birth through 21 years of age. Information on these programs and services can be obtained either by contacting Danielle Ludwick, Title Coordinator (503-835-0518), Kevin Blanco, Special Education Coordinator (503-835-2181), or Jeff Clark, Superintendent (503-835-2171).

Home-based Instruction

A parent who intends to cause his/her child or children to receive home-based instruction in lieu of attendance or enrollment in a public school, approved private school, or an extension program of an approved school, must file the necessary forms with the Willamette Educational Service District. Further instructions can be obtained by calling Julie Huber at the Amity School District Office, 503-835- 2171.

McKinney-Vento Reauthorization of 2002

As required by Federal Law (McKinney- Vento), the Amity School District ensures that homeless children and youth are provided equal access to the same free, appropriate public education, including a public preschool education, as provided to other children and youths. Our McKinney-Vento contact is Danielle Ludwick, 807 S Trade Street, Amity Oregon 97101 (503-835-0518).

Equal Opportunity Employer

The Amity School District complies with all state and federal regulations, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, or disability. This holds true for all district employment and opportunities. Inquiries regarding compliance and/or grievance procedures may be directed to the school district Title IX/RCW 28A.640 Officer, Section 504/ADA Coordinator Jeff Clark, 807 S Trade Street, Amity Oregon 97101 (503-835-2171).

Notice for Directory Information

Two federal laws require local education agencies (LEAs) receiving assistance under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA) to provide military recruiters, upon request, with three directory information categories—names, addresses, and telephone listings—unless parents have advised the LEA that they do not want their student's information disclosed without their prior written consent.