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Policies I-Instruction

I Instruction

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The following files are PDFs unless otherwise noted:

Table of Contents: I Instruction

Instructional Goals  IA

Freedom of Expression  IB

  •   Relations with Home-Schooled Students   IBDJA

School Year/School Calendar  IC/ICA

School Day  ID

Organization of Instruction  IE

Curriculum Development  IF

  •   Curriculum Research/Pilot Projects  IFA/IFB
  •   Oregon 21st Century Schools Program  IFC
  •   Oregon 21st Century Schools Councils IFCA, IFCA-AR
  •   Curriculum Adoption  IFD
  •   Curriculum Guides and Course Outlines IFE

Instructional Design  IG

  •    Multiculturalism  IGAB
  •    Instruction in Ethics and Morality IGABA, IGABA-AR
  •    Religion and Schools IGAC,  IGAC-AR
  •   Work Experience  IGADA
  •   Drug and Alcohol Prevention, Health Education IGAEB
  •   Human Sexuality Education IGAI
  •   Early Childhood Education IGALA
  •   Distance Learning IGAM
  •   Optional Instructional Programs IGB
  •   Students with Disabilities IGBA, IGBA-AR
  •   Records of Students with Disabilities IGBAB, IGBAB-AR
  •   Special Education - Personnel Development IGBAC
  •   Special Education - Participation in Regular Education Programs IGBAE, IGBAE-AR
  •   Special Education - Individualized Education Program (IEP)**  IGBAFIGBAF-AR
  •   Special Education - Procedural Safeguards IGBAG, IGBAG-AR
  •   Special Education - Evaluation Procedures IGBAH, IGBAH-AR
  •   Special Education - Private School IGBAIIGBAI-AR
  •   Special Education - Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) IGBAJ, IGBAJ-AR
  •   Special Education - Public Availability of State Application IGBAK
  •   Special Education- Services for Home-Schooled Students with Disabilities IGBALIGBAL-AR,
  •   Talented and Gifted Program and/or Services** IGBB
  •   Identification - Talented and Gifted Students** IGBBAIGBBA-AR
  •   Parent Notification and Participation IGBBD
  •   Title I/Parental Involvement IGBC, IGBC-AR
  •   Parental Involvement IGBCA
  •   At-Risk Student Program IGBCBIGBCB-AR
  •   Program for Pregnant Students IGBD
  •   Remedial Instruction IGBE
  •   Home bound Instruction IGBG
  •   Alternative School Programs IGBH
  •   Alternative Education Programs IGBHAIGBHA-AR(1)IGBHA-AR(2)
  •   Establishment of alternative Education Programs  IGBHBIGBHB-AR
  •   Alternative Education Notification IGBHCIGBHC-AR
  •   Program Exemptions IGBHD
  •   Expanded Options Program IGBHEIGBHE-AR(1)IGBHE-AR(2), IGBHE-AR(3)
  •   Bilingual Education  IGBI
  •  Extended Instructional Programs IGC
  •   Credit Earned Outside the Regular School Day IGCA
  •   Credit by Examination IGCB
  •   Advanced College Placement IGCD
  •   Outdoor School/School Camps IGCE
  •   Service Learning IGCG
  •  Co-curricular/Extracurricular Activities IGD
  •   Student Organizations IGDAIGDA-AR
  •   Student Publications IGDB
  •  Student Performances IGDD
  •   Student Activity Fees IGDE
  •   Student Fund Raising Activities IGDF, IGDF-AR
  •   Student Activity Funds IGDG
  •   Contests for Students IGDH
  •   Interscholastic Athletics** IGDJ
  •   Non-School-Sponsored Study and Athletic Tours/Trips/Competitions IGDK
  •   Adult Education Programs IGE

Instructional Arrangements/Grouping for Instruction IH/IHA

  •    Class Size  IHB
  •    Alternative Instructional Programs IHGA

Instructional Resources / Instructional Materials IIAIIA-AR

  •    Textbook Selection and Adoption IIAA, IIAA-AR
  •    Supplementary Material Selection IIAB
  •    Use of Feature Films IIABBIIABB-AR
  •    Library Materials Selection and Adoption IIAC
  •    Special Interest Materials IIAD
  •    Instructional Assistants IIBA
  •    School Libraries IIBD
  •    Instructional Technology IIBG
  •    Electronic Communications IIBGAIIBGA-AR
  •    Web Pages IIBGBIIBGB-AR
  •    Field Trips and Special Events IICA
  •    Senior Trips IICAA
  •    Community Resource Persons IICB
  •    School Volunteers IICC

School Counseling Program  IJ

  •    Confidentiality in Counseling IJA

Academic Achievement IK

  •    Grading System IKA
  •    Student Progress Reports to Parents  IKAB
  •    High School Classes/Courses for Eighth Graders IKAC
  •    Parent Conferences IKAD
  •    Grade Reduction/Credit Denial IKAE
  •    Homework IKB
  •    Class Rankings IKC
  •    Honor Rolls IKD
  •    Promotion and Retention of Students IKE, IKE-AR
  •    Graduation Requirements IKFIKF-AR
  •    Early Graduation  IKFA
  •    Graduation Exercises  IKFB
  •    Credit for Proficiency  IKH
  •    Academic Integrity IKI

Assessment Program IL

Instructional Program Renewal IM

  •    District Improvement Program IMBIMB-AR
  •    Studying Controversial Issues INBINB-AR
  •    Controversial Speakers INCINC-AR
  •    Political Figures in the School INCA
  •    Flag Displays and Salutes INDB
  •    Assemblies INE
  •    Animals in the School INGING-AR
  •    Class Interruptions INH
  •    Animal Dissection INI