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Policies D-Fiscal Management

D Fiscal Management

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The following files are PDFs unless otherwise noted:

Table of Contents: D Fiscal Management

Fiscal Management Goals DA

   Budgeting System DBA

  •    Budgeting System DB
  •    Fiscal Year DBB
  •    Budget Calendar DBC
  •    Budget Priorities DBD
  •    General Operating Contingencies DBDA
  •    Budget Preparation DBE, DBE-AR
  •    Budget Committee DBEA
  •    Budget Hearing DBG
  •    Budget Adoption Procedures DBH
  •    Budget Amendment Procedures DBI
  •    Budget Implementation DBJ
  •    Budget Transfer Authority DBK

Borrowing Funds DC

Funding Proposals and Applications DD

Revenues from State and Federal Sources DE/DEB/DEC

Revenues from Non-Tax Sources  DF

  •    Investment of Funds DFADFA-AR
  •    Revenues from School-Owned Real Estate DFB
  •    Grants from Private Sources DFC
  •    Rental and Service Charges DFD
  •    Gates Receipts and Admissions DFE
  •    Free Admissions  DFEA
  •    Income from Program-Related Sales and Services DFG

Depository of Funds  DG

Coverage DH

Fiscal Accounting and Reporting  DI

  •    Student Body Funds DIA
  •    Financial Reports and Statements DIC
  •    Property Inventories DID
  •    Audits DIE

District Purchasing DJ

  •    Petty Cash Accounts DJB
  •    Bidding Requirements DJC
  •    Special Procurement & Exemptions from Competitive Bidding DJC-AR
  •    Personal Services Contracts DJCA, DJCA-AR
  •    Use of Credit Cards DJFA
  •    Vendor Relations DJG

Payment Procedures DK

Payroll DL

  •    Payday Schedule DLA
  •    Salary Deductions DLB
  •    Expense Reimbursements DLCDLC-AR

Cash in School Buildings DM

Disposal of School Property DN