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Board Goals

The Amity School Board seeks to update its goals on a regular basis.

Student Achievement Goal:

Provide a cooperative learning environment where the expectation for excellence is developed in both teaching and learning.

Increase the percentage of students meeting and exceeding Oregon State Assessment Standards.

Align curriculum to National Common Core State Standards in math, reading and writing.

Align professional development to positively impact student achievement.

Utilize professional development to positively impact student achievement.

Provide a variety of learning opportunities to prepare students for post-secondary education, career and civic life.

Monitor and review student progress and adjust instruction throughout the year.

Actively engage students in the development of their Personal Education Plan K-12.

Stewardship of Resources Goal:

To effectively and efficiently utilize our resources to do what is in the best interest of our students.

Be fiscally responsible through sound financial strategies.

Attract and retain quality educators and staff.

Promote and support programs for professional development.

Develop short and long-term facility and maintenance plans.

Utilize current technology in classrooms across all levels of curriculum.

Communication Goal:

To collaborate through effective partnerships and establish and maintain working relationships to improve the educational outcome for all students.

Establish relationships with every student to ignite their passion for learning.

Promote open and transparent communication that allows input from community, staff, students and administrators.

Maintain a healthy, cooperative, and professional relationship with all staff to ensure a quality education of our students, and build a culture of trust. .

Improve community understanding of how state mandated requirements impact students.

Engage the knowledge and resourcefulness of stakeholders in the District.

Improve understanding of the District budget goals and budgeting process.