G Personnel

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Table of Contents: G Personnel

Personnel Policies Goals GA

  •    Personnel: Definitions GAA
  •    Position Descriptions GAB

General Personnel Policies GB

  •    Equal Employment Opportunity GBA
  •    Veteran's Preference GBA-AR
  •    Fair Labor Standards Act GBAA   
  •    Staff Involvement in Decision Making GBB
  •    Staff Ethics  GBC, GBC-AR
  •    Staff Dress and Grooming GBCA
  •    Alcohol / Controlled Substance Use GBCBA
  •    Board-Staff Communications GBD
  •    Mother Friendly Workplace GBDA
  •    Staff Health and Safety  GBE, GBE-AR(1), GBE-AR(2)
  •    Workers' Compensation Insurance GBEA
  •    Staff Protection GBEAA
  •    Communicable Diseases GBEB, GBEB-AR
  •    Staff - HIV, AIDS and HBV  GBEBA
  •    HBV/Bloodborne Pathogens GBEBAA/JHCCBA/EBBAB
  •    HIV, AIDS, HBV - Staff Accommodations GBEBB
  •    Infection Control - HIV, AIDS or HBV  GBEBC/JHCC/EBBAA
  •    Staff/Students - Rumor Control - HIV, AIDS and HBV  GBEBD/JHCCD
  •    News/Media - HIV, AIDS or HBV GBEBE/JHCCE/KBCAA
  •    Drug-Free Workplace GBEC
  •    Medical Examinations/Drug Testing GBED, GBED-AR
  •    Drug and Alcohol Testing - Transportation Personnel GBEDB, GBEDB-AR
  •    Staff Participation in Community Activities GBF
  •    Staff Participation in Political Activities GBG
  •    Staff/Student/Parent Relations  GBH/JECAC
  •    Parental/Family Relationship GBHA
  •    Staff Gifts and Solicitations GBI, GBI-AR
  •    Prohibited Use, Distribution or Sale of Tobacco Products and Inhalant Delivery Systems GBK/KGC
  •    Personnel Records GBL
  •    Disclosure of Information GBLA
  •    Staff Complaints GBM
  •    Whistleblower  GBMA
  •    Sexual Harassment GBN/JBA, GBN/JBA-AR
  •    Hazing/Harassment/Intimidation/Bullying/Menacing-Staff GBNA, GBNA-AR

Licensed Staff/Licensed Staff Positions GC

Classified Staff / Classified Staff Positions GD

  •    Educational Assistants GDA
  •    Recruitment of Classified Staff GDC
  •    Posting of Vacancies GDCA
  •    Hiring of Classified Staff GDD
  •    Substitute Classified Employees GDEA
  •    Notice of Employment GDI
  •    Assignment and Transfer of Classified Staff GDI/GDIA
  •    Work Load  GDK
  •    Staff Meetings GDKB
  •    Evaluation of Staff GDN/GCN
  •    Suspension and Dismissal GDPD