Ecology Club


  • Mary McDermott


  • Aimee Herubin
  • Katie Wilson
  • Gian Blaco
  • Yohana Lopez
  • Harley Hoff


  • To promote ecology education to our staff and students and to assist in helping Amity High School and our greater community to reduce, reuse and recycle!

Previous Projects:

  • Getting every classroom recycling bins and setting up a recycling program at the high school.
  • Making posters to hang around the school to education students and staff on what can and cannot be recycled.
  • Pairing with Mr. Jackson’s class where his students provide a weekly pickup of recycled material collected by each classroom.
  • Pairing with Mrs. Green to recycle in the lunchroom.
  • Touring Riverbend Landfill and the WOW recycling center.

Current/Ongoing Projects:

  • Recycling old cell phones so they and their “not so environmentally friendly parts” do not end up in the land fill.
  • Developing an “Adopt a Courtyard” project where different Amity High School clubs or groups will be responsible for the design, maintenance and upkeep of a garden area around the school grounds.