• Kimi Romey and Linda Crafton

Leadership Mission statement:

The objectives for the leadership class at Amity High School are as follows:

  • To act as pioneers of organized leadership at Amity High School.
  • To develop a clear mission that will create a positive impact on our school.
  • To improve the attitude of students toward Amity High School.
  • To improve school spirit
  • To improve relationships between students and staff.
  • To create outreach avenues between the school and the larger community.
  • To develop leadership skills that will benefit students long after they have left AHS.

Leadership students need to be committed to improving their school environment.  They need to be willing to work beyond school hours to achieve these goals.  High standards are held in academic and behavioral activities.


Executive Council

  • President: Courtney McKee
  • Vice-President: Natalie Cronan
  • Secretary/Student Activities Coord: Brianna Anderson
  • Treasurer:  Emily Lund
  • Publicity Director: Shane Miles
  • Leadership Activities Coord.:  Erik Cropp     
  • Tech. Coordinator:  Duncan Hunter
  • Spirit Coordinator: Tori Tavolazzi
  • Logan: unfilled
  • Senior Class President: Jenna Drader
  • Junior Class President: Delaney Cruz
  • Sophomore Class President: Laura Affolter
  • Freshman Class President: Katelyn Prince