AB Board Governance and Operations

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Table of Contents: AB Board Governance and Operations

School District Legal Status  AA

The People and Their School District AB

Non-Discrimination AC, AC-ar

  •    Americans with Disabilities Act ACA, ACA-ar

Educational Philosophy AD

District Goals AE

School Board Goals  BA

Board Legal Status BB

  •    School Board Powers and Duties BBA
  •    Individual Board Member's Authority and Responsibilities BBAA
  •    Board Elections BBB
  •    Board Member Qualifications BBBA
  •    Board Member Oath of Office BBBB
  •    Board Member Resignation  BBC
  •    Board Member Removal from Office BBD
  •    Vacancies on the Board BBE
  •    Board Member Ethics BBF
  •    Board Member Conflicts of Interest BBFA
  •    Board Member Ethics and Nepotism BBFB

School Board Organization/Board Organizational Meeting  BC/BCA

  •    Board Officers BCB
  •    Board Superintendent Relationship BCD
  •    Board Committees BCE
  •    Advisory/Temporary Committees to the Board  BCF
  •    Consultants to the Board BCH

School Board Meetings/Regular Board Meetings BD/BDA

  •    Special Board Meetings  BDB
  •    Executive Sessions BDC
  •    Board Meeting Procedures BDD
  •    Notification of Board Meetings BDDA
  •    Board Meeting Agenda  BDDB/BDDC
  •    Quorum at Board Meetings  BDDD
  •    Conduct at Board Meetings  BDDE/BDDF
  •    Minutes of Board Meetings  BDDG/BDDK
  •    Public Participation in Board Meetings BDDH
  •    Public Hearings BDE

School Board Work Sessions BE

Board Policy Development BF/BFA/BFB

  •    Board Policy Adoption and Amendment BFC
  •    Administrative Regulations BFCA
  •    Board Policy Implementation  BFD
  •    Administration in Policy Absence BFE
  •    Suspension of Policies BFF
  •    Board Policy Review BFG

Board-Staff Communications BG

Orientation of New Board Members BH/BHA

  •    Board Member Development  BHB
  •    Board Member Compensation and Expense Reimbursement BHD
  •    Board Member Liability Insurance BHE

Board Legislative Program BI, (BI-ar)

Evaluation of School Board Operational Procedures BK